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“As a trusted partner of Opara Electrical and Electronic Installations(6882657), Ternary Consulting and Educational Services Limited plays a crucial role in enhancing our operational efficiency and upskilling our workforce. They leverage their expertise in digital strategy to meticulously analyze our business workflows, highlighting opportunities for improvement and proposing technology-oriented solutions that streamline our installation, repair, and maintenance procedures. In parallel, their educational services offer tailored professional development programs that address our specific needs, arming our team with the most recent knowledge and competencies in the field of electrical and electronic installations. This fosters an environment of constant learning and progression within our organization. Ternary Consulting’s commitment to driving our growth and prosperity through their integrated, bespoke digital and educational solutions is truly commendable.” – CEO, Opara Electrical and Electronic Installations Enterprise.

Opara CEO

“Our partnership with Ternary Consulting and Educational Services Limited has been instrumental in our journey towards operational efficiency and strategic excellence. Their team’s proficiency in IT solutions and data analytics has undeniably optimized our processes, managed risk, and spotlighted growth opportunities. The comprehensive analysis provided by Ternary has been a catalyst for our understanding of business operations and market trends, empowering us to make data-driven decisions and sustain our competitive advantage. Ternary’s commitment to superior IT and analytical services has significantly contributed to the success of Ufondu Engineering.” – CEO, Ufondu Engineering (IM13820)

Ufondu CEO

“As CEO of Ternary Consulting and Educational Services Limited, I’m proud to state that Nadi-Kings Enterprise, our esteemed client with ID 6939839, is at the heart of our consultancy services. We’ve put together a dedicated team of consultants to carry out exhaustive analyses of their product lines using cutting-edge methodologies and tools. This rigorous examination includes an assessment of the market performance, demand trends, and the competitive landscape for Nadi-Kings’ products. It is through this meticulous process that we identify areas of potential growth and improvement, paving the way for strategic recommendations encompassing product development, positioning, and marketing. Our objective is clear: To offer Nadi-Kings Enterprise insightful, data-driven guidance that empowers them to optimize their product performance and realize their business goals,” Okeke said.

Okeke CEO


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